Defined by elegance. Driven by simplicity.

Dunne is a boutique design and build firm that blends refined aesthetics with practical functionality. Dunne build homes that enrich lives – defined by elegance and driven by simplicity.


Creating a brand that redefines both the interior and the construction side of the business. A geometric typeface is selected for the brandmark to represents the construction side of the business. To balance it all out, a thinner and more refined weight of the font is selected to soften the brand. Setting the brandmark in uppercase gives the brandmark a sense of confidence, but not overpowering. The cuts in the N characters create a unique look to the brand. Characters are kerned tightly, portraying the warmth of the brand itself.


Project Steering and Brand DNA, Visual Identity, Tone of Voice, Design Deliverables, Website, Art Direction, Film.


Stephanie Rooney


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