Welcome to Robyn Dodd Real Estate, refreshingly different. Less frantic, more personal. Robyn has extensive experience as a commissioned artist, building project manager, and custom wedding dress designer, this has given her a unique set of skills that have proven very valuable in the real estate industry. She understands the importance of the little details and how to approach each unique listing calmly and methodically. When it came to crafting a brand it was clear it had to be different.

We sought inspiration from landscape, natural colour palettes with a sense of materiality and intrigue. Driftwood, sand colours, with a pop of greenery highlighting the juxtaposition of the location. Some of Australia’s most recognised beaches nestled amongst forest. We designed a range of colours for the brand that allow Robyn and her clients flexible in the approach. The visual language was inspired by typographical maps which act as a beautiful pattern and welcome addition.

Life changing real estate.

Project Scope

  • Brand Identity
  • Tone of Voice
  • Stationary
  • Marketing
  • Signage