Rethinking the future of legal services.

Appian Lawyers are rethinking the future of legal services with compassion, truth and efficient pragmatism. They support their clients by maximising opportunities, solving problems and fuelling business growth with a mindset that is grounded in humanity and empathy.


Creating a brandmark for the future of modern law. A geometric typeface is selected for the brandmark to gives the brand a strong presence without being overpowering. To balance it all out, a thinner and more refined weight of the font is selected to soften the brand, and add a touch of warmth. Setting the brand in uppercase gives the brand a sense of quiet confidence. With the characters kerned tightly together, it portrays the connection and relationship that is a key value of the Appian brand.


Brand Positioning, Tone of voice, Visual Identity, Collateral, Landing Page, Brand Film, Website coming soon

Film and Photography