Tomorrow's Luxury Living.

Baldwin Co’s brand story evolved from three main ideas. The warmth and simplicity of nature. Dynamic collaborations with architects and designers. And finally, a sense of community. Each of these pillars informed part of their visual language. First, we turned to the world of fine art for patterns and forms that reflected the natural world. Simple things like the curve of a river. The shape of fallen leaves. Strokes that looped and gently overlapped one another. We also drew inspiration from group dynamics. The way people stand. The way they move. The way neighbourhoods grow and coalesce. Humans never travel in straight lines.


Each of these brand pillars – nature, collaboration and community – they represent the same thing. They’re all elegant, complex systems working in harmony. A simplicity of form that’s so effective it almost becomes invisible.


Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Strategic Narrative, Tone of Voice, Art Direction, Website, Stationary, Marketing


Mark Lobo