The Rebranding of @thinktanksocial. Everything starts with a dot. The dot is the simplest and yet quintessential geometric form. It is at the beginning and at the end of things. It symbolises the birth of an idea. From a conceptual standpoint, every project, big or small, starts with a simple idea, a dot on the notebook, which will grow and evolve into something sophisticated and big. Our rebranding of Thinktank Social to TTS is founded upon that concept. The dot begins as a symbol of the birth of an idea, which then expands into a cascade of simplistic activations. From one dot, to many others, the TTS device visually translates Thinktank’s brand ethos, which inspires, motivates and cheerleads their clients to do more, be more and achieve more. TTS is more interesting than a marketing agency and less boring than an advisory firm.

Catalytic influence, on the brands of tomorrow.

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